Educators on Beautiful Nation Project!

Educators Make the World Go Around

Take A Virtual Tour of the Planet

The Makulu crew are expert educators and explorers ready to take your students for a virtual trip around the planet! 

Each week (Mondays) you will find the newest digital media story (article with photos and videos) published on the homepage, and in the related Channel. These articles come in three formats, called "Field Notes" "Logbooks" and "Journals".

The crew's digital media stories follow Reach the World's global journalism program and are designed to promote critical thinking around 'essential questions'. Each article type follows a template, centered around its own specific 'essential question' with the overarching question being, "How does where we live affect how we live?"

Below are the 'essential questions' the Makulu crew will ask and report on in their Field Notes for each location.

What is Daily Life Like?
What do Kids Think is Cool? 
How do People get Around? 
What do People Eat? 
What Traditions do People Have? 
How are People Connected to their Environment? 
How do Nations support their Communities? 
What do we See in Nature?