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Reach The World is Proud to sponsor and be a part of the Beautiful Nation Project. Reach the World (RTW) cultivates relationships between young students and volunteer world travelers through an innovative program of online journalism and face-to-face interactions.

The Voyage of Makulu is an around-the-world sailing expedition led by a team of Reach the World explorers and global mentors. 

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Welcome to the Reach the World Channel! Here you will find fun articles from the Makulu crew, Tonia, Shannon, Masha, Justin and Jess. They will report on their adventures exploring the planet aboard sailing ships at sea! 
All of the Makulu crew articles ask one simple question, "How does where you live affect how you live?" Each week, the Makulu crew will interview, travel and investigate a new place, with this question in mind. Together, we will learn what makes us all unique, and what we all have in common.  Come! Let's Reach out and discover the world from the sea with the Voyage of Makulu! 

The word Makulupronounced mah-KOO-loo, means "strong woman chief" or "big momma" in Zulu. The first Voyage of Makulu was launched by Reach the World in 1997. This project is inspired by the courage and dedication of female leaders, mothers, girls, and supporters of women's rights worldwide.To learn more about Reach the World or to enroll in its one-to-one global mentoring matching program, visit

Reach the World Articles

2014-2015 Voyage of Makulu

2014-2015 Expeditions

Plastic Ocean Project Expedition, Atlantic Ocean (October) 
Panama Canal Expedition, Panama Canal (November) 
Pacific Crossing Expedition, Pacific Ocean (December) 
Pangea Explorations Expeditions, Caribbean Sea (January)

The Makulu crew publish weekly digital media stories about their explorations and communicate with educators to customize content and develop complimentary hands-on science projects. Email to get your school involved! 

Sea Stories

Field Note: Meet a Superhero of the Sea

Field Note: Meet a Deep Sea Chemist
Field Note: Deep Sea Chemistry

Field Note: At Sea with Scientists
Video: Virtual Tour of the Atlantic Explorer

January 2015)

Field Note: Ocean Acidification
Video: Coral Reef Surveying

February 2015)

Field Note: School Life in Panama City

(March 2015, Pacific Ocean)

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