Beautiful Nation Crew

Tonia Lovejoy | Explorer

Captain Tonia Lovejoy of Voyage of Makuluनमस्ते! My name is Tonia Lovejoy. I was born into a big sailing family and even lived aboard a sailboat with my parents and my brother! Since then, I have traveled to more than 30 countries, and taught in dozens of cities around the globe! I have lots of sea stories to share, and interesting information about how people around the world live by the sea!

Jessica Lee | Sailor

First Mate Jessica Lee你好! My name is Jessica LeeI grew up in sunny San Diego and like most Californians, I love avocados and adventure! The first time I sailed was in 2007, as a Reach the World traveler correspondent aboard Makulu. Thankfully, I didn't get seasick! Instead, I fell in love with sailing! I studied film-making in college, and so I am looking forward to sharing my view with you!

Masha Gvozdov | Artist

Art Director Masha Gvozdov

привет! My name is Masha Gvozdov and I am a videographer and an artist. I grew up on the Black Sea, in the former Soviet Union, and have always been drawn to explore our world's oceans. I have most of my experience sailing on the Hudson River and cannot wait to be on the open water! Art is my life and I will work hard to share the beauty of the world through our videos and photos during the journey.

Shannon Hagen | Educator

Shannon HagenHola! My name is Shannon HagenI grew up in a rural part of Washington State, so vast open spaces are familiar to me! During the winters I am usually on top of a mountain, buried deep in the snow! I look forward to helping students understand the science of sailing, and the global connections between our ecosytems! 

Justin Farrow | Lighthouse Keeper

Lighthouse Keeper Justin FarrowHello explorers and adventurers! My name is Justin Farrow and am your lighthouse keeper. I built this geosocial network so you all may to have a chance to experience our circumnavigation voyage aboard Makulu.  This cultural geography focused social network website is the world's first social network following an around the world journey. It's also the world's first social network on a boat!  All educators and students of the world, welcome aboard!  Let's ride! 

Every single aspect of this network has been developed with students in mind - to keep them connected and engaged, think outside of their local environment and learn how other kids around the world live. Educators can use our content as curriculum and even stream our experiences into the classroom.  It is my goal to bring the Voyage of Makulu to life in creative and fun ways that leverage today's free, open source mapping, communication and educational technologies. I look forward to bringing the magic of the journey to YOU every step along the way!

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