Follow Foods around the World

How does where we live effect what we eat?  This channel on Beautiful Nation Project is for discussing this very question, worldwide.  Tracking differences and similarities in food and eating habits throughout the journey of the Beautiful Nation Project

Meet Hussam Khodary - Chef Syrien du Refugee Food Festival
Refugee Food Festival - Strasbourg 2016
Refugee Food Festival - Paris 2016
Keshar Sharma - Indian chef of the Refugee Food Festival
Emad Shoshara - Syrian chef of the Refugee Food Festival
VERY FOOD TRIP IN PERU - webserie #1
Very Food Trip - Teaser
Tulum beach
Food Sweet Food in Thailand : lunch in a Karen village ! #1
Making Cafe Touba
Food Sweet Food in Vietnam : the floating market on the Mekong Delta

Do you Know of a Food Channel we should Include?

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