What is Marine Debris and Why Does it Matter?

WELCOME! This channel is dedicated to investigating the effects of marine debris. It is sponsored by the Plastic Ocean Project, a 501(c)3 that brings communities and their leaders to incubate solutions toward the prevention and removal of marine plastics on and off-shore. 

Removing plastics from the ocean is complex and arduous, but these are not reasons to neglect the issue and here’s why. According to the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States (EPA), outside of the small amount of plastics incinerated, every bit of plastic ever manufactured still exists today and is compounding by increasing global production. WHOA! 
Every piece of plastic you have ever used is most likely still here somewhere. Let's say that again. Every piece of plastic you have ever used is most likely still here somewhere. 

Up to 80% of marine debris is plastic and comes from runoff creating a steady stream of plastic finding their way into the ocean. The ocean is downhill from everywhere. In the marine environment, plastics do not biodegrade, they photo-degrade breaking up from recognizable items of all sizes and shapes into tiny little particulates. The challenge is to innovate novel ways to “mine” for plastics, both large and small, remembering that the smaller pieces of plastic are the most challenging ones to capture, and they are also  the most easily ingested by marine life. Do you eat fish? Fish eat plastic! 

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If Plastics Were Diamonds

We live in a water world, from shore to shore and everything in between. Sadly, many of our coastal communities have a shared problem. In this session, the crew shares sea stories from their recent ocean expedition investigating marine debris in the Caribbean waters between the Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos. Join to learn more about how youth can help reduce the harmful affects of marine debris. #plasticoceanproject #onemoregeneration #historyclassroom

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