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Tapping the valuable resource of bright, but underprivileged, children and teachers in rural India, 
Agastya provides an environment in which students and teachers can create, tinker, seek solutions and find them! The organization's mission is to spark innovation and curiosity using simple, yet innovative peer-to-peer science instruction. As the largests hands-on science program in the world, Agastya reaches thousands of students nationwide using mobile science labs. In addition, Agastya provides integrative learning opportunities for thousands of students at their Discovery Learning Campus in Bangalore, India.  Beautiful Nation is helping to fulfill the organization's goal to launch a marine ecology science curriculum, in order to help improve environmental conditions for all life along the shores and in in the ocean waters. Agastya has positively impacted over three million children and 120,000 teachers in 30+ districts and four states in India. The Beautiful Nation Project will provide Agastya with real-time, multimedia content and scientific data focused on keystone species, marine ecology and the effects of marine debris for the development of a marine science curriculum and a Marine Science Discovery Center in Chennai, India. 

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Agastya Runs the Largest Hands-On Science Program in the World!

Tapping the valuable resource of bright but underprivileged children and teachers in rural India, we provide an environment in which they can create, tinker, seek solutions and find them. We encourage inquiry from children, who are inquisitive by nature!

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