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The Beautiful Nation Project is a free tool for educators to teach global citizenship. It utilizes social networking to deliver the global reports of a team of scientists, educators and explorers traveling the world by boat. 

Listen to stories from our 2014-2015 voyages across the seas, from New York to Hawaii! Watch the live presentation here April 9th from 10am to 12pm E.S.T. 

"If Plastic Were Diamonds"
Imagine you had to live with all of your trash. I mean, you didn't get to give it to someone else, you had to keep it, for your whole life. How long could you stand it? Would you produce less trash? As a sailor, I cannot help but to notice the problem with trash. Every beach, every port, ever river mouth, stream and bay, is filled with marine debris, or plastic pollution.

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Learn more about how ocean currents affect marine debris from our latest voyage with the Plastic Ocean Project in the Marine Debris Channel.

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